Variety Of Sentences

We  going to look at sentence variety we  going to have a bit of an introduction into sentence types but we  also going to look at different ways that you can make your sentences varied you can have different types of sentences within each sentence type now before I get into it I just want you to understand this is a bit of a complicated lesson it might seem a little bit advanced to some of you but it  very important that you understand how you can change a sentences composition how to make use of different elements to get variety in your sentences make your writing a little bit more interesting and especially for those of you taking the IELTS TOEFL or any English exam where you have to write an essay how to get the sentence variety points okay because they  looking for different types of sentences they don’t want to see only simple sentences.

So let  get right into it and look at the sentence types now I will say to you right now that there will be individual lessons for each of these types so we can get a little bit more deeply involved in each but for today I just want to give you a bit of an introduction make sure you understand the four types what they consist of and what we can do with them so a simple sentence contains only one independent clause now this independent clause can come in different forms it could be just a subject in a verb it could be a subject and a predicate meaning a subject a verb and an object verb and complement verben adverbial etc so there are different types of independent clauses but again I’ll look at that more deeply in its own video a complex sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause dependent clauses noun clause adjective clause adverb clause that complement clause again another video and different videos for each one of those clauses a compound sentence has at least two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction and but or so etc.

And a compound-complex two independent clauses with a compound without a coordinating conjunction and at least one dependent clause so it at least three clauses so now the main thing to understand is that you can have sentence variety by using different ones different types of sentences like these make sure that you don’t have all simple sentences that  a very boring read for the person reading it it  very very monotonous it  like the same same same same sometimes having a few simple sentences together has a purpose you can create pace you can create flow you can create emphasis but in a overall essay you don’t want to have only one type of sentence because it  very boring for the reader to read plus again for those of you taking the test you  going to lose points for that.