Special Space for Happiness Life

LoveMagic can be on of the most challenging types of magic that you can attempt since it requires you to examine how you see yourself and your relationships with other people. This can make you feel vulnerable, and it is important to offset this with your own Special Space, a place for you to retreat to.

Unhappiness or the inability to focus can be a symptom that your energies are too scattered and you can feel rundown.

Having a special space set up will give you the power to revitalize by linking back to the earth and your own body. Take your favorite stone and push it down into the earth, you have energy that will flow down through your body into the stone and then into the earth.

You will need to find a private space either in nature or indoors where you can practice LoveMagic, revitalize yourself without distractions or interruptions, away from everyday life. Consider maybe the spare room, the loft, or even look at converting the garden shed. Evaluate your surroundings, and find a safe place free from distractions.

In your Special Space you will set up a collection of objects, pictures, and candles, honoring yourself, your friends, your loved one or your relationship together.

Below you will find the different sections of your house that have special energies.

Feng Shui Bagua Grid
Back Round Information
New Projects
Inner Wisdom
Help from People

Use these spots in your home to pay homage to your relationships by assembling the objects and pictures that promote harmony and happiness.

You must make your Special Space feel safe. You can do this by casting a circle to protect against interruptions and harmful thoughts. The circle is a very powerful sign, symbolizing infinity, unity and the cycle of the seasons.

Conduct any LoveMagic spells within this circle. This circle is a doorway to link yourself to the earth, and is a space between the worlds, a space from which it is possible to direct your psychic energy.

First, before you create your circle, you must purify your body and your space. You need to have a ritual bath perfumed with your favorite oil and lit by a single candle.

After bathing, gather all the things you need to cast a spell or perform an exercise and bring them into your Special Space, make sure you wear something comfortable and loose.

First you must sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your circle walking (clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere). When you are done, sit quietly in your circle and visualize a line of blue light circling around you, then imagine the circle growing into a sphere.

Your Special Space is now protected. To return from your circle of power, close your eyes and imagine the blue sphere reabsorbed by the earth, you will then be grounded.