Seven Quick Tips For Essay Writing

And again in every Essay writing help sentence this does not help you with your marks it’s better to use different words that have the same meaning at the same time you have to be careful here because some students they find a new word they think it’s a great word but there is a little bit of a difference in meaning so you need to be really comfortable with the words.

choose and you need to know what it actually means so it doesn’t sound strange ok so if we wanted to change this now instead of saying education is the single most important factor in the development of a country our paraphrase our first step in our paraphrase could be changing these words to schooling is the single most significant element in the advancement of a nation ok so that’s just one example so now let’s look at another thing you can do in order to paraphrase the question on a test or exam ok another way we can paraphrase is by changing the structure of the sentence.

so for example you might have a verb and you know which is an action and you might change that into its noun form so for example if your verb is developing you might change that into development you might change similarly a noun into a verb ok so for example we just said development is the noun it can turn into develop or developing you can also change things into adjectives so if for example you’re talking about technology which is a noun you could change this into the adjective form which is technological so changing the form of the word can help you with paraphrasing also changing the placement.

The words can help you out so for example in our original sentence or the question was education is the single most important factor in the development of a country so I’ve now changed some of the wording as well as the order okay so here education is at the beginning in my sentence the most essential.

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