How to Use Potions to Attract Your Love?

Potions have been made from time immemorial to attract the desired Lover and to inflame sexual relationships. These potions were often made to be taken internally, and usually included warning substances, such as cloves, cinnamon and rose geranium.

Some love potions were designed so that after the brew was taken the first person that the drinker saw would be their intended partner for life. Others would inspire vivid dreams in which the drinker would see their true lover. These potions would open the drinkers psychic abilities, and would allow that person to see their soulmate.

There are four elements ,when combine, can provide a stable relationship; Air, Fire, Water & Earth. If you seek to communicate clearly with others, focus on the elements of the air.

If you seek to forgive grievances, invoke the element of water. If you seek to ignite passion or inspiration and to find a sense of joy in your sexuality or creativity, focus on the elements of fire. And, if you wish to enhance the sense of dependability, invoke the elements of the earth.

AIR                               FIRE                                     WATER                     EARTH
2 orange Blossoms    2 Jasmine Flower Petals  2 Rose Petals            2 Lavender Stalks
2 Drops Lemon          2 Drops Ylang-Ylang        2 Drops Geranium  2 Drops Patchouli
Essential Oil               Essential Oil                       Essential Oil             Essential Oil
2 Teaspoons Vodka   2 Teaspoons Whiskey      2 Teaspoons Gin      2 Teaspoons Brandy
Ginger                          Ginseng                               Parsley                       Garlic
Cloves                           Sweet Paprika                    Cinnamon                 Nutmeg

Use the chart above, pick your ingredients from each element and combine them into a potion. If your mixture is too dry, use a portion of almond oil. Almond was traditionally used to help find a love that withstands all trials and tribulations.

The bottle should be thoroughly cleansed by running water and then dried in the moonlight. As you make your mixture, focus on what you really want to achieve, projecting those thoughts into the bottle and cork it when finished. You will then seal the bottle with a bit of red candle wax, and place it in a safe place.

You may also incorporate into your potion any other waterproof object of significance to your wish. Notice that most of the ingredients come in twos. This is a important number to focus on in LoveMagic.

You may also want to incorporate other traditional ingredients, such as dog hair, in your potion. All you need is two strands from your pet. Dogs have been a symbol of faithfulness for many centuries, often included in the old family portraits to show that the wife and/or husband are true to one another.