Chakras “Energy flowing through your body”

The Chakras are a group of energy centers running through the middle of your body. The Buddhist believe there are seven chakras which correspond to the seven colors of the Rainbow.

Base of the Spine (Red)
The Sacrum (Orange)
The Solar Plexus (Yellow)
The Heart (Green)
The Throat (Blue)
Middle of Forehead – Third Eye (Purple)
Top of the Head (Indigo)

An excellent technique to harmonize yourself with the rhythm of the earth is to visualize a stream or line of energy flowing from the earth to the base of your spine, lighting up a red glow at that point. Visualize the line of energy moving up your spine through each Chakra and feel each area being “Lit” with its appropriate color. Do this until you reach the top of your head. Allow the energy to flow from the top of your head, back to the ground and then imagine the energy flowing back up your spine in a gentle loop.

Feel the energy flowing into the different Chakras, clearing any fear or unhappy memories. It is believed that each Chakras is attuned to different emotions.

If you have some unhappiness about any experience with past lovers, you may feel some tension in the sacrum, or if you have been unable to speak your feelings to someone you care about, you may find some difficulties imagining a light shinning in the region of your throat. To finish the exercise, reverse the flow of the energy into the ground and allow the light in the Chakras to dim.