Candles Magic to Create the Energy of Love

Candle Magic involves choosing a colored candle that will help you focus on what you wish to happen. Choose the color of your candle accordingly to either your intuition or by choosing a color with the appropriate corresponding meaning from the table.

Color of Candle  Corresponding Meaning
Red                         Sexual Love, High Energy
Pink                       Affectionate Love
Orange                  Openness, Flexibility
Yellow/Gold       Confidence, Charm
Blue                       Patience, Calm

Once you have chosen your candle, you will need to prepare it. First, choose an appropriate oil, such as Patchouli Oil for a Red Love Candle, then rub the oil into the candle. (This is called anointing the candle) Olive oil is a good substitute if you do not have access to aroma therapy oils.

a simple word to sum up your wish down the side of the candle. When ready, place your candle on a safe receptacle, such as a small bowl half filled with sand to catch the wax. Sit in front of your candle and imagine a blue circle vibrating around you. This circle of light will provide you with a sense of protection from any interruptions and ill thoughts.

Once you are feeling safe, look into the flame and visualize the successful outcome of your wish. Do not allow any negative messages to dwell in your mind. Let any disruptive thoughts float away and continue to concentrate until you feel ready to extinguish the candle.

Put out your candle and watch the smoke rise from the wick, imagine that your spell is intermingling with reality, already changing your life according to your wishes.