A Bad Essay Voice

I want to say ten things first to make sure that I get them across and I’m going to repeat these through the discussion of the book about the essay process the first thing I want to stress is that in my mind that essay is as much of a filter as it is a ladder the use the essays to filter out people and you can use the essays as a ladder to gain stature but as I like to say an essay can make you sit up straight it can’t make you two inches taller the second thing I want to say is for these essays particularly the new prompt what really counts in what HBS has said at info sessions that they’re looking for in the essays is just to get a little bit of your voice now what is what’s a bad voice okay. Learn more about this bad voice atĀ Edusson.

A bad voice is one that is braggy a bad voice is one that is scripted that’s a that’s a obscenity in the dictionary of des Louisville scripted and King and is a four-letter word for Delia bold and a bad voice and this is important a bad voice is the wrong voice for your cohort so if if you’re writing this essay and you’re a military person there’s there’s a good military voice and a bad military voice if you’re a banker there’s a good bankers voice and a bad bankers voice what’s a good voice a good voice is reflective it’s not braggy it’s thoughtful it’s aware of its surroundings so that’s another point I want to make another point I want to make is a lot of these essays are do have there’s no cookie cutter way to do it but a lot of these essays are based on stating your goals on place and then pointing to three or four important experiences that influenced your goals so if you’re sitting out there and you’re totally stuck about how to do this essay introduce yourself to your classmates a totally acceptable way of doing it is you know you know hi I’m Jane Smith I’m very interested in digital media and I had four experiences that got me interested in digital media.

Now some one or two essays in here do that so it’s worth buying the book to read those essays alone so that’s the voice issue and another point I want to make is don’t don’t be a one-trick pony don’t think don’t think you could do this whole essay by talking about your trip to Mexico or the fact that you’re a magician you go you know all you need to know about me is a magician and here’s how being a magician it tells you all you need to know that very often doesn’t work okay so those are some of the ten things but those are the five important things so let’s get going let’s talk about the book why don’t you introduce the book and we can talk about some of the essays in the book okay yeah so this this essay book is made up of essays that come from current HBS students.